In alphabetical order, because that means I get to be first 🙂

Beau Lebens

Beau is an Aussie who grew up in a small country town where he never quite fit in. He moved to the city and discovered a passion for computers, and the Internet in particular. After teaching himself how to code HTML, he moved on to CSS, JavaScript and eventually PHP. He’s been involved in everything from managing a network through to writing JavaScript-based animations. Now, over 10 years later, he lives in San Francisco and works on all kinds of web-based projects from sysadmin’ing to custom web app development. He built using WordPress MU and bbPress, and has consulted with a number of clients (including on custom WordPress installations. His personal website is Dented Reality.

  • Plugins research and selection
  • bbPress/WPMU integration
  • Custom Installer
  • Blog activation automation
  • Plugin tweaks and fixes

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg blogs at He is best known as the founding developer of WordPress, the blogging software he guided from a handful of users to the most widely used open source blog tool. In late 2005 he left CNET to found Automattic, the company behind,, and Gravatar. In his spare time he enjoys taking photographs and playing jazz. (Blatantly taken from his SxSW Panelist Page).

  • Initial theme buildout
  • Cat-herding

Noel Jackson

Pulled from the depths of freelance design, Noel now works for Automattic, Inc. He loves the internet and dreams in HTML quite frequently. A self-proclaimed polymath, Noel was once a secret agent, fashion photographer, and ran a successful post-production studio in NYC. When not pushing pixels and babbling about regexes, he’s probably listening to music (300 LPs and 250 gigs in all), DJing, or creating something (generative art is a favorite as of late). He lives in Detroit with his beautiful wife Stephanie, a fish named Hiro, and a chinchilla named Elvis. His personal website is

  • Theme buildout (HTML/PHP required to generate most pages)
  • Design additions/modifications
  • 99% of the CSS

Andrew Ozz

Andrew has been into computers since the green text on a black screen era. Then computers were strictly “business machines” and although there were some very slow but quite expensive modems, Internet was pure Sci-Fi and Cyberspace was something extra-terrestrial. After a long journey through studying Electronics, London, ERP development and freelancing, he now lives in Vancouver and happily works on WordPress.

  • bbPress admin customizations and integration
  • Member Listing
  • Plugin tweaks and fixes