What were you doing on Friday night? I w … 

What were you doing on Friday night? I was getting ready to go out with some friends for a drink when Matt innocently-enough asked me to check out a document very quickly and “give it some thought”. Little did I know what I was getting myself into (or rather, what Matt was getting me into 🙂 ).

I scanned over the requirements section of the document and realized this was a pretty hefty project, and it had the added pressure of being a very public competition against 2 other leading web platforms. This was a digital deathmatch, and I was being recruited.

Me: So what sort of timeframe do we have on this?

Matt: 100 hours, must be finished and submitted by March 2nd.

Me: *cough* *choke* ZOMFGBBQ! SRSLY?


Me: I gotta go and drink with my friends, TTYL

Matt: Umm, OK

So I went out to have a few drinks with friends, and a few hours later got back home, a little buzzed, and in that jolly state, I decided that this was a great idea and I was just the man for the job. I whipped up a very initial features document and sent it over to Matt. I guess he didn’t think I was completely crazy (or drunk) because the next morning (today) we ran through some more details:

Matt: So I take it you’re in?

Me: Uhhh, yeah, I guess. Who’s the rest of the team working on this?

Matt: Cool. So far it’s you and…. well, you. And maybe me. But I’m busy. So mostly you.

Me: Ummm, cool.

Matt: OK, I’ll leave you to it then.

Me: Whoooaaahh hold up homie!

We then went through a few other details about how to rope in other people as required for very specific chunks of work, and discussed how the rules of the competition allowed us to spend time planning and preparing (which wasn’t counted towards our 100 hour limit). That was going to be keep to our success, since the more time we spent planning, the less time we should need to spend mucking around trying to figure things out when we were “on the clock”.

And so it began (for me at least).

  • Disclaimer: All conversations are fictional re-creations of real events and may or may not have occurred as illustrated.