Captain’s log, stardate 62597.3. Locati … 

Captain’s log, stardate 62597.3. Location: Imperial Hotel, Delhi, India.

Okay big whoops — when catching up on email on the flight from Frankfurt to Delhi I noticed George had sent login details for an account. When I got back online I dug through my mailing lists I saw that the showdown actually started, um, yesterday! So a little catching up to do, asking people to work on it, et cetera. 🙂

This Prologue seems like the best way to track the progress of everybody involved, so I’m going to fill it out with all the relevant info for the project and invite people to participate. Since the biggest limit is time (100 hours total) I think this should definitely be a measure twice, cut once project. Luckily the internet is pretty good at this hotel so I should be able to get things fully rolling before WordCamp India this Saturday.