WordPress is being pitted against Drupal and Joomla in this showdown contest, which we only have until March 2 to finish. Here’s the background from the specs doc:


Many communities throughout the United States and elsewhere have formed broad‐based leadership programs to seek out and educate leaders from throughout the community.   The goal of these programs is to create engaged leaders who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help lead efforts to improve their communities.

Every community leadership program is different, but most are skills‐based experiences that train participants in community leadership skills, while also broadening their understanding of their local community and the issues it faces and creating opportunities to build a network of community colleagues.

In addition to regular class sessions, the program may also involve group projects, where teams work together to focus on an issue facing their community, by first defining and analyzing it from various perspectives, and then developing – and sometimes executing – a solution.

The final product created by these groups take a variety of forms, including a conference, seminar or workshop, a report to an organization, agency or the  community analyzing an issue, a proposed piece of legislation or change in school board or city policy, a presentation to an organization, agency or government body proposing change or new program, or a grant proposal for new program or organization.

The Project

This project will build a Web site that could be used by a community organization to run a leadership program. Utilizing Web‐based social networking tools such as blogs, forums, and wikis, program administrators, facilitators, and participants will be able to disseminate information and collaborate with each other in a centralized virtual space both in and out of regular sessions.  By generalizing these tools as much as possible and making them freely available to the public, a wide variety of organizations and communities will be able to download them and customize them to match the individual needs of their particular program.


In today’s troubled economy, many community organizations lack the capital to adequately fund community leadership programs.  At the same time, increased unemployment and decreased tax revenue means that our communities are facing serious issues and need qualified leaders more than ever.  Using widely supported and freely available software, the objective of this project is to provide these programs with low or no‐cost tools that will help them make them more effective and efficient.