Lots of theme updates

I got the homepage set, so it’s all ready to rock. Navigation needs some work. I also poked around and made some changes here and there, and started cleaning up a few areas as I spotted them. Definitely feel free to change anything I’ve done (esp things like the events page — http://wpshowdown.com/blog/category/events/)

You’ll probably want to add some more sample content to really get a feel for things – I stupidly entered a bunch on my laptop so that doesn’t help you much 🙂 If you want to add an event, just make a post and assign it to the “Events” category, then a new box should appear below the post area where you enter date/location details.

Here’s some specific elements that I know definitely need work/building/attention:


  • Comments (should be threaded, with gravatars)
  • Sociable icons
  • Post Ratings (I’d like to get this consistent on bbPress as well if possible, even though it’s a different plugin)
  • Wiki-style revision history (e.g. at the bottom of this page when you’re logged in http://wpshowdown.com/about/)
  • Contact form (you can see it in action here now http://wpshowdown.com/contact/)
  • File uploads listings. I’ve uploaded a couple files here so you can see how (ugly) it is: http://wpshowdown.com/about/press/